To RSVP or Not to RSVP

March 22, 2010

With all this wedding stuff consuming a lot of my free time, and the big day less than 3 months away, it’s no wonder that I’m thinking about wedding stuff right now. Especially since I just mailed close to 70 invitations at the Post Office this weekend. So, now the latest wedding thing to clutter my thoughts is RSVPing, or rather, lack thereof. From talking to many of my friends who recently planned weddings, apparently it is inevitable for a lot of your guests to not RSVP. One of my close friends told me she had to call a ton of friends and family to remind them she was still waiting for the small response card to show up in her mailbox. How hard is it to check “will attend or “will not attend.” Even if you are unable to attend, a response is needed, and quite frankly, it’s extremely rude and inconsiderate to not mail back your RSVP. I know everyone gets busy, but think of the couple making the wedding. I’m sure they are already stressed out enough and have more than enough small details to still work out. They certainly do not need the extra headache of having to call 20 or even 30 people. So do everyone a favor and mail back the RSVP card immediately. If you don’t, trust me, I will not forget.



Bad manners

November 10, 2009

Why do I always seem to be right behind a person who decides to spit on the ground, or outside his car? You’ll notice I used the pronoun “he.” That’s because 9 times out of 10 it is a guy who takes part in this disgusting habit. But, a few days ago on my way to teach class, I did see a young lady spit on the ground. And trust me, I use the term “young lady” very loosely. Isn’t it common sense that spitting in public on public grounds is just bad manners, not to mention gross and disgusting? Didn’t your parents, teachers, siblings, mentors, and the general public teach you guys and girls any manners?

Do I really need fancy china?

November 4, 2009

With my upcoming wedding several months away, I’ve been registering for items my fiance and I will need. Martini glasses. Check. Picture frames. Check. New towels. Check. Some new cooking utensils and pots and pans. We pretty much registered for things we’ll actually use – practical things. No waffle makers or ice cream makers here. However, my future mother-in-law keeps insisting that I register for some fine china and Lenox. Do I really need to eat my meals on fancy china that may not even be dishwasher safe? As it stands now, we just got new “everyday” dishes, and I still use paper plates. I know that might have environmentalists in an uproar, but it’s just so much easier to throw away the plates than to do the dishes. With that said, if I register for fine china and someone actually buys that for me, will I ever use it, or will it sit high up in a cabinet I can’t even reach collecting dust?

Buy a belt

November 2, 2009

High school students aren’t the only ones who need to stop at Walmart or Target before class to buy a belt. It’s sad to say that there are many college students who also need to invest in this very handy accessory. For the last 5-plus years working at a college, I’ve seen my share of men’s underwear, in an array of different styles and color. Wearing your pants so low that the whole world can see your underpants sends a certain message. Now it’s my turn to send a message. Guys, it’s not appealing to see your underwear hanging out below your pants. I, and the rest of the world, do not need to see what kind of underwear you decided to wear today. Do us all a favor and keep your Calvins covered up.

Hello world!

November 2, 2009

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